Are you starting your day feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, low or depressed?

Do you want to learn 5 powerful morning rituals that will help you boost your mood and outlook naturally?

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Hey, lovely…

Are you starting your day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, irritable or moody? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feelings from the get-go? Maybe you’re struggling with a low mood, feelings of depression and helplessness? Are you tired of starting your day already feeling like you’re no longer in control of your life? You know something needs to change because all this is having a negative impact on your wellbeing and your life.

If any of this sounds like you then I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

Did you know that what you think, feel and do during the first hour of your day sets the tone for everything that follows? I designed the Boost Your Mood & Bloom course to help you transform your thoughts, emotions, energy and outlook so you can start your day feeling more empowered, positive and calm.

During this free 5-day email course, you’ll learn…

  • 5 powerful morning rituals that will help you brighten your mood using simple, easy to implement actions.
  • How to calm and clear your mind for greater inner peace.
  • How to boost your physical and mental energy for better focus and mental clarity.
  • How to take charge of your thoughts when you find yourself in a negative thought pattern.
  • How to brighten your outlook so you start your day feeling more inspired and hopeful.
Hey, I’m Musa Francis!
As an Emotional Wellness Coach for women who’ve experienced sexual trauma, I’m here to help you reclaim your emotional wellness so you can live with more joy, inner peace and emotional freedom.


Why should you listen to me?

As a survivor of sexual abuse and rape myself, I know what it’s like to struggle with your mental and emotional health. That’s why I created this course for you. I’ve been overwhelmed with depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, PTSD and fatigue at different points of my journey. I know what it’s like when the conventional treatments of psychiatric drugs and talk therapy aren’t helping you reclaim your mental and emotional wellness. I also know the amount of courage it takes to seek other ways to reclaiming your body, free your mind and transform your life. Creating an empowering morning ritual practice was my first step in doing this.

Today, I’m living with more joy, inner peace and emotional freedom than I’ve ever had in my life thanks to the help of the coaches I’ve worked with. I now have some powerful self-care rituals and wellness habits that I use to keep my brain healthy, my mood stable, my mind at peace, my heart free and my energy levels high.

I trained as a Health & Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher & Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner to help other survivors do the same. During my training, I studied protocols developed by leading health experts in brain and mood health, emotional wellbeing, burnout, gut health, hormonal health and autoimmune conditions. These protocols are rooted in habit change. My coaching combines these expert protocols with my lived experience, and are delivered within a supportive transformational coaching framework.

It’s my mission to help survivors to live boldly, love themselves fiercely and care for themselves radically – because every woman deserves to feel happy, radiantly healthy and empowered.

What you’re about to learn are some of the best tools I use as a coach and also in my own morning ritual practice, including meditation, visualisation and affirmations.

If you’re ready to start your day feeling more empowered, positive and calm…

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