Success Stories

Celebrating and sharing my clients’ stories of transformation and their experiences of coaching – in their own words.
I now wake up every morning feeling energised and clear

“The 90-day coaching program has enabled me to develop stress management skills and my whole life is positively affected. I live with myself as a high priority and have made lasting changes to my health and wellbeing. I now wake up every morning feeling energised and clear.”


Taking control in small ways…

“I started this program in the middle of chaos in my life. I found doing sessions helped me focus on action steps I could do instead of focusing on the overwhelm that was happening inside. This program let me take control in small ways of me when I really felt everything was out of control. I stopped blaming myself for lack of will power, start to examine who I was and getting curious about the actions I took. I am still taking ownership of me. I am learning to trust my instincts more in my life and to learn to do things I love to do with the people I love. I also am accepting that I am a work in progress.”

Robin, USA

I recommend this program to anyone who needs a reset…

“I am grateful for each week of discovery about myself on this journey. I highly recommend this program to anyone that would like a reset for a healthy, happy lifestyle change!” 

Stephanie, USA

My health and happiness have been truly transformed…

“I just finished the 90-day transformation program and I must say my life, health and happiness have been truly transformed! Through the magic of the 90-day, once a week coaching sessions I have truly been able to uncover the why and what that has been holding me back from the happy person I wanted to be again. Thank you for the experience and life-changing results of the 90-day transformation!”

Christy, UK

This program has helped me step into my new self…

“This program has helped me step into my new self. Without it, I have no idea who I would be today, but because of this program I am in love with I person I have become.”

Sarah, USA

This program has shown me how to alter my inner programming…

“This program has shown me how to dig down to my underlying beliefs and alter my inner programming so I could reach a whole new level of health that included habit change, stress reduction, personal power and emotional strength. I’ve learnt that being healthy is more than just food and exercise but striving for happiness and balance in all areas of life. I would recommend this program to everyone!”

Shan, USA

I was able to challenge my negative thought patterns…

“I had an amazing experience working with Musa! Her compassion and gentleness encouraged me to open up and see my struggles from a different perspective. I was able to challenge my negative thought patterns in a way that was empathetic and soothing. I felt empowered and supported throughout.”

Aoife, UK

For the first time ever, I’m actually sticking to what I’m doing…

“I can’t recommend the 90-Day Program enough. The tools and exercises provided through the coaching have helped me change my actions and my thinking. For the first time ever I am actually sticking to what I am doing and can see that the changes are for the long-term. The pace is exactly right for me and I feel like I’m progressing and making positive changes every week. I don’t think I have had a session where I haven’t had a ‘lightbulb moment’. I am going through a very difficult time at the moment and I find myself really digging into the techniques provided in the program every day to keep my body and mind healthy and protected.”

Nathalie, UK

I’ve even learned to calm anxiety attacks…

“I have learned how to be in the moment, even if that moment is chaos, and breathe. I have even learned to calm anxiety attacks – which I was never able to do in the past. I am so thankful for not only the knowledge this program has given me but also the support and accountability to help me even when I didn’t realise I needed help. I’m so thankful for my journey through this program!”

Carrie, USA

Accepting myself and moving forward…

“Having a coach who understood, supported, and stretched me was my saving grace. The combination of the program AND a personal coach has enabled me to FINALLY accept future ‘me’ and move forward. I am so grateful for the 90-Day Transformation!”


I’m approaching challenges with compassion for myself…

“Not only do I feel better in my body, but my whole view on life has also been transformed. I’m curious about my challenges and missteps, not judgmental or critical of myself. Each day, I am able to apply what I’ve learned in all areas of my life, not just to food or exercise. On the especially difficult days, I’m able to approach challenges with compassion for myself, more peace, less binging, and I can thrive regardless of my circumstances. Thank you SO much for this program!”

Julie, USA

Musa is very warm, open and supportive…

“I would absolutely recommend working with Musa. She’s very warm, open and supportive. Her approach is very gentle, but there’s such a strength in it as well.”

Rhiannon, UK.

I feel healthier than I have in years…

“Musa’s 90-day transformation program has taught me how to change my habits, slow down, make myself a priority without feeling guilty. I now live a much more relaxed and stress-free life. I feel healthier than I have in years, and my family and clients have a much better version of me!”

Jenn, Australia

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