Are you ready to transform your mental and emotional wellbeing?

If what you’ve been doing to cope with depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, overwhelm, PTSD or fatigue is longer working, and you’re tired of feeling frustrated or stuck, keep reading to learn how I can help you.


Happy, Healthy & Empowered Strategy Session

Your complimentary breakthrough session

Spend 90 minutes with me in a powerful conversation to uncover what’s been holding you back from mental and emotional wellbeing, create a vision for your transformation and get crystal clear on a step-by-step transformational self-care plan that will give you the everyday tools you need to feel happier, healthier and more empowered.


Happy, Healthy & Empowered

Your 90-Day Emotional Wellness Transformation Program

If what you’ve been doing to cope with depression, stress, anxiety or other emotional health struggles is no longer working, and you’re looking for something greater to help feel happier, healthier and more empowered, this private, 90-day, 1:1 coaching program is for you.


Overwhelmed To Empowered

Your One-Day Emotional Freedom Breakthrough Intensive

Spend four hours with me in this transformational coaching experience where we’ll be addressing your biggest emotional challenge. We’ll clear out any emotional blocks, limiting beliefs or stories holding you back from healing. You’ll leave with tools and strategies to help you stay out of overwhelm, as well a plan to help you move forward in your journey to reclaiming your joy, inner peace and emotional freedom.


The Good Mood Reboot

Your 14-day seasonal mind-body reboot program: Autumn Edition

This fast-track program will help you figure out which foods are great your mood, and which ones leave you feeling exhausted, stressed, anxious, moody or depressed. It’s also a great program to help you reset your body in preparation of a psychiatric drug medication tapering in order to minimise withdrawal symptoms. You’ll experience better sleep, less sugar and caffeine cravings, less bloating, and more.

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